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Safeguard Peace, with Respect to History

--On the 69 Anniversary of World War II and China's Victory of Anti-Japanese War by H.E. Xin Shunkang, Chinese Ambassador to Namibia

H.E. Xin Shunkang, Chinese Ambassador to Namibia

3 September 2014 is the 69 Anniversary of World War II and China’s victory of Anti-Japanese War. Commemorative activities will be witnessed around the world, including China, to pray for peace and justice.

The National People’s Congress of China has ratified 3 September as a memorial day, on which national leaders will deliver official speeches, paying tribute to heroes and heroines in that war; the National Archives will publish confession documents of Japanese war criminals; historical exhibitions will be held throughout the country. For Chinese people, the significance of 3 September will be like that of the Heroes’ Day in Namibia.

The Anti-Japanese War is the biggest war against aggression in Chinese history and our people fought for victory in that war with solidarity, blood and enormous sacrifices. The 8-year War cost 35 million military and civilian casualties of China and no less than 560 billion US dollars economic loss. It witnessed not only the brutality of murdering, raping, burning and robbing by the Japanese invaders, but also the great solidarity and resistance determination of Chinese people. The names of martyrs who died for safeguarding national independence will be engraved in the hearts of all Chinese people for ever.

The victory of Anti-Japanese War is the first complete victory of China in modern history against foreign aggression, which has rinsed China’s defeated disgrace in nearly one century, enhanced the self-confidence of Chinese people, marked a national turning point from decline to revival and laid the foundation of independence and liberation of our country.

The Anti-Japanese War is an inseparable part of the world Anti-Fascist War and national liberation movement of the 20th century, thus received supports of peace-loving people from all over the world, including Africa. China was one of the main battlefields of Anti-Fascist War, contained the most Japanese troops throughout the war, and contributed greatly to the final victory.

The history keeps reminding the Chinese people to treasure the hard-won peaceful life. For us, to forget means to betray. We commemorate the victory so as to take history as a mirror, look into the future and prevent any recurrence of historical tragedy. However, too many things we repeatedly see and hear in Japan are shameless, turning black into white instead of sincerely confessing to war crimes and exterminating militarism.

The right-wing forces of Japan keep making troubles in recent years: disregarding the historical facts that Diaoyu Island is part of China and taking various unilateral actions including the so-called “nationalization”; insisting on visiting Yasukuni Shrine, where Class-A war criminals are worshiped; tampering with historical textbooks by beautifying aggression wars, to name just a few. China and other war-stricken Asian countries maintain a high degree of vigilance on the stirring among dry bones of Japanese militarism, which has caused great damage to Asia and the whole world. On the 69 Anniversary of Victory of world Anti-Fascist War, Japan should face up to the history, make deep reflections on the crimes of aggression, and try to gain trust and respect from the international society, especially Asian countries, with right attitudes and actions.

The great Namibia-China friendship dates back to misery days of fighting for national independence. We share the deep understanding on peace and freedom, for which we had fought with our blood and life. I believe, on this historic moment of commemorating victory, the Namibian people, as our intimate brothers and sisters, will join the Chinese people in cherishing the memory of our revolutionary martyrs, and striving for world peace and stability.

Long live Namibia-China friendship!

Long live world peace!


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