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Remarks by H.E. Ambassador Xin Shunkangat the Handing Over Ceremony of the Solar Enegy Lighting Products to the City of Windhoek

Your Worship Cllr. Muesee Kazapua, Mayor of Windhoek City

Distinguished guests,

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Good afternoon! I am very delighted to attend today’s handing over ceremony of the solar energy lighting products donated by the Municipal Government of Nanjing, China, to the City of Windhoek. This is another important testimony of the evergreen China-Namibia friendship.

In April this year, the municipal delegation of Nanjing, led by Mayor Miao Ruilin, visited Namibia and donated 110 solar energy lighting products to the City of Windhoek. A Chinese proverb says, “a goose feather sent from thousand miles away represents profound friendship.” These products are the goose feathers, although not too much, that convey the goodwill of the Chinese people to the Namibian brothers and sisters, and will alleviate the local power shortage as well.

The friendly cooperation between China and Namibia develops very fast through the joint efforts of our two peoples. In this June, the visiting Governor of Jiangsu Province, Hon. Li Xueyong signed agreements with Hon. Laura McLeod, Governor of Khomas Region, setting up twinning relations of the two provinces. Now the cooperation between Nanjing and Windhoek also makes new fruits. I wish that in the near future, the two cities will twin with each other as well and further enhance their cooperation in various fields.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Solar power is the most potential clean energy, inexhaustible, green and easy to maintain. It could help to reduce our reliance on fossil energy, safeguard the energy security and promote social development. Namibia boasts rich renewable energy resources like solar and wind power. It is of great significance to fully utilize these resources for poverty alleviation and economic development. The Chinese Government will continuously encourage substantial companies to deepen cooperation with their Namibian counterparts, especially in the field of new energy, sharing experiences, boosting innovation and creating more jobs for the local people.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

In recent years, upholding the principle of mutual-benefit and the aim of lifting the livelihood of the Namibian people, China has conducted broad and deep cooperation with Namibia in all fields including agriculture, mine, energy, health, education, culture and infrastructure, which has yielded fruitful results. As the biggest developing country in the world, China faces arduous tasks in self-development, but would continue to help Namibia within our strength by focusing more on technology transfer and people’s livelihood, so as to make contributions to the poverty alleviation of Namibia.

To conclude, I hope that the solar lighting products handed over today could produce the best performance and benefit the people of Windhoek City.

Thank you!

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